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Hi There

This is an effort to get a JCalendar community (back) together, prompted by enhancements I have made and then those I found from other users. My changes are set out below. After that I have summarised what I found in the forums.

I did submit my changes, which I think others would find useful, to the originator of JCalendar, Kai Toedter, but even after a few prods he remains silent.

I have an interest in JCalendar because it is the "gDateChooser" component in the Inq client/server scripting language. If you want to know more about that see

Accordingly I have combined the things I found with my own features and volunteer to maintain these components. Get in touch if you are interested: tom dot sanders at inqwell dot com or may be a board at

My changes, outlined below, can be found at See also What Is Out There.

Tom's Changes

I've put a few enhancements into the JCalendar components. Here goes:


Test Program

I've added the new properties so they can be exercised. For a DateVerifier I have implemented one that excludes Mondays and otherwise includes only even numbered dates. You can set/remove it to see how JCalendar and JDayChooser react.

For JDateChooser I have added a check box that sets the top four choosers to null when checked, today when not. You can set them to null individually using ctrl-n when they have the focus. Set the nullText using the text field.

Apart from the keyboard behaviour everything should be backwards compatible with 1.3.3.

TODO (Possibly)

There are a few more things I am considering - firstly, JDayChooser colours the "today" button however this is based on a Calendar instance ( that never changes. I think this will go stale if the application is left open overnight....

Secondly, its a question as to what "today" is. It need not be today's date of course. Your system may have its own idea of what the date it is. I'll think a bit more about that.

Last, may be support a separate format for acceptable input, eg a short form like ddMM, again for k/b junkies.

Issues Raised in the Forums

I went through the (relatively) recent posts and came up with this issues list. You need to be logged into the forums for the links to work so whatever... Those forum members I have contacted via a PM are:

Kris Kemper

What Is Out There

Maven Repo at Not sure who maintains this? No 1.3.3 there.

JCalendar at Github maintained by forum member luuuis. His fixes as above based on version 1.3.3. This version is also hosted at;quick~jcalendar as jcalendar-tz.

My changes, luuuis' time zone enhancement, month browsing fix and the memory leak fix by Kris Kemper are all at

Using the ideas suggested at you can use this version as follows:

      <name>Inqwell JCalendar Extensions</name>


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